What Send2Fax is.

Send2Fax is an online fax machine; its platform was developed by pioneers of the Internet fax industry who developed one of the first Internet-based fax platforms in 1994. Send2Fax is now, and will continue to be, the best value proposition for Internet fax applications.

Send2Fax, Inc. provides fax solutions for individuals and businesses through the seamless integration of facsimile technology and Internet technology.

Send2Fax enables anyone with an Internet-connected PC and an email account to send and receive fax documents. Because it�s a virtual, online fax machine, no additional software is required. You can receive your inbound faxes as PDF or a TIFF file attachment (based upon your preference). When you sign up for Send2Fax you receive your own personal inbound fax number. Get a toll-free number at no extra charge.

Start using Send2Fax today. To find out more please continue to tour our Website or click on the links below for more information about sending and receiving fax documents over the Internet.


When you sign up with Send2Fax you automatically get all of these service options.

What Send2Fax is not.

Send2Fax is not fax software - All that is needed to send fax documents is an Internet-connected PC and a standard browser. To also have inbound fax service, all that is needed additionally is an email account. The above configuration will enable you to utilize Email2Fax, Fax2Email, Web2Fax and List2Fax.

Other fax services require the sender and recipient to use proprietary software. Send2Fax does not require any software downloads. Send2Fax uses fax industry standard TIFF format, not some proprietary format thereby enabling anyone to send and receive faxes effortlessly.

Send2Fax is an online fax machine, not a fax hardware system - There are hardware-based fax solutions available that cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement and they deliver only a fraction of the capabilities Send2Fax delivers. In addition to their initial cost, these hardware devices, known as "Fax Servers," are very costly to operate as they require expensive telecommunication lines known as T-1s.

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